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Derval_Linkedin_4_squareAfter many years in a high-stress business environment that does nothing for your health, I decided to take my life in a different direction.


My first exposure to reflexology was with a therapist who offered me reflexology instead of a massage.  I found that the reflexology was powerful and deeply relaxing and that it helped me to feel more myself. It wasn’t long before I was would choose reflexology over massage.

I was trained in the Ingham method of reflexology at the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR) in London, UK and graduated with distinction.  I had originally planned to train in other healing therapies but I was so impressed with how my clients responded to reflexology that I decided to specialise in that instead.  After receiving my initial reflexology qualification I continued to study Tony Porter’s Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART).


I have offered  Progressive Counselling since 2014. I decided to train as a Progressive Counsellor as I was aware that it was a powerful form of therapy.  I realised that many of my clients were coming to me to talk and I wanted to learn to work with them in a professional and appropriate way.  I am a developing Progressive Counsellor, having finished year two of my SRMHC Diploma in the UK, and I am insured to work with clients on an ongoing basis.

What I love most about my practice is working with clients to help them to take responsibility for their own health and well being. It is a pleasure to see my clients thrive as they learn to rebalance and to stress less.

I am originally from Ireland, I lived in the UK for a number of years before travelling internationally and stopping off for almost 10 years in Utrecht, Netherlands.  I returned to Tunbridge Wells in the summer of 2017 and look forward to establishing my practice here.



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Contact Me


As a person who is not the most fond of foot treatments in general (I’m very tickle sensitive), I have found Derval’s trusting approach most helpful. I have found overall, that after my sessions I sleep much more peacefully and find myself much more relaxed overall…this has been huge for me as I struggle with stress. Key for me is to continue with the sessions to continue to benefit from Derval’s healing hands.


I have been going to Derval for Reflexology for several years. She is not only a very capable and compassionate person but she has healing hands. She tries to help where there is pain or blockage. I always feel energized and relaxed after her treatment and sleep well that night. She knows a lot about healing. She has helped me a lot. I highly recommend her.


I had never heard of reflexology before I met Derval and naturally, I was skeptical at first. Like most alternative practices, there is little to no science that proves that reflexology can help with any ailments, but I was willing to give it a try to see how my body would react. After my first session, I felt intensely relaxed, a feeling that stayed with me for some time. I felt more relaxed and at peace after a reflexology session with Derval than I did after a (much more expensive) full-body massage. I started going back on a more regular basis for a variety of complaints and each time Derval first showered me with her incredible kindness and understanding, then suggested a variety of changes that I can make to improve my general health and well-being. I know I can go to her with any trouble or discomfort and she will first do what she is able to to relieve my pain, but also connect me with other health practitioners in the area who might be able to impact my health in a positive way. She works together with people and connects you when necessary to the right organizations.

I think that what sets Derval apart is her passion to help people. She treats each client on an individual basis and truly listens to your complaints before trying to figure out the best treatment options. She talks with you, not at you, and always follows up after a session to check how the reflexology has affected you.


Your sessions were very good and helped me relax a lot. It also helped my monthly pains go away for good just after 3 sessions.


Derval has such a wide range of knowledge. Her sage advice which will help anyone get back on the right track to health. She’s also excellent at reflexology! She’s a very firm grip and can get to the acupuncture points easily.

The way your health improves is just bizarre. She can focus on areas that are causing you pain or aren’t working well and she will work on that area, until she feels satisfied that there is improvement. Her treatment has helped me in reducing my stress-related headaches/migraines, monthly pains and digestive issues. Her shared food knowledge has encouraged me to try to eat and drink much more healthily, as well as breaking bad habits. I’d highly recommend Derval.